How to Choose the Best Event Marketing Software for Your Field Marketing Team

Kathleen Reed
Kathleen Reed
November 30, 2021

For most event marketers, the last year and a half was a series of ups, downs, and experimentation. With many field marketing events pivoting to virtual or online channels, the need for high-performance technology and software has never been greater. And, as in-person events slowly but surely start to make a comeback, this reliance on technology has carried over. Whether your team is looking for new ways to up your field marketing game or if you’re looking to expand your technology footprint, knowing exactly what goes into an industry best event marketing solution is vital.

A booming industry

Over the past decade or so, event marketing (and marketing operations in general) has experienced a boom in technology. After the sales-focused early 2000s and the growth of CRM systems, marketing teams finally got their due. From ESPs to lead tracking to automation platforms, marketing software solutions have popped up right and left.

One of the biggest reasons why event marketing has long been considered a parallel operation to digital marketing is the lack of technology to help integrate event marketing events into the bigger picture event strategy. Today, however, multiple solutions and platforms are available that directly address some of the challenges and opportunities field marketing teams experience every day.

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