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With Circa, you can simplify the event planning process at your company and drive measurable success

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All the tools you need to manage events

Event Request Forms

Start a process for ideating events. Tap into your sales team, community, and partners for event ideas. Clearly communicate requirements and review status.

Event Calendars

Empower teams at your company with custom views of the events and related business information that they require.

Event Budgeting

Plan, track and report event budgets faster and with greater accuracy. Your business and finance leaders will be delighted.

Event Templates

Instantly setup events and adapt from feedback. Event Templates are the key to unlocking higher performance from your upcoming events.

Event Checklists

Make quick work of checklist tasks and todos. Adapt templates to accelerate. Hit deadlines more reliably and raise the visibility of your team's progress.

Event Briefs

Publish a summary view of your events. Automatically organized, Briefs proactively answer questions from staff and stakeholders.

Why Circa?

Circa helps event planners with tens to thousands of events save time, money, and stress.

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Conference sponsorship
Event Template

Conference Sponsorship

Optimize conference sponsorship with pre-conference planning, branding efforts, logistical arrangements, on-site strategies, and post-conference follow ups for heightened brand visibility and networking opportunities.

Event Template

Trade Show Exhibit

Craft immersive experiences using this checklist, covering concept development, logistical planning, engagement strategies, and post-activation assessments for impactful audience resonance.

Hosted Conference
Event Template

Hosted Conference

Organize a successful conference with this comprehensive checklist, detailing venue arrangements, speaker coordination, marketing efforts, on-site management, and post-conference activities for a memorable event.

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