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For companies and organizations that run tens to thousands of events annually, Circa is the single platform to create and report on everything important to your program.

To run an events program, planners need to capture, organize, and communicate a continuous flow of disparate information from colleagues, partners, and vendors.

Without Circa, planners need to manage these communication flows over long email threads, disorganized chat, and increasingly complex spreadsheets.

While this approach can work for a few events, as companies grow, hiring more employees and adding more events to the calendar, the disconnected approach breaks down.

Spreadsheets become unmaintainable, and event programs may fail to deliver.

Circa solves the challenge of managing and scaling event programs, giving organizations the visibility and efficiency to grow and succeed with better and better events, and without necessarily hiring more planners.

With Circa, planners get superpowers – a comprehensive set of tools for moving events through the event lifecycle faster than they could otherwise.

From initial evaluation to event planning to on-site execution to and actionable retrospectives, Circa is the single platform that gives planners and their managers 360 degree visibility into their event programs.

Hundreds of organizations use Circa to power successful event programs in field marketing, demand generation, community building, branding, recruiting, training, fundraising, and more.

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