About Circa

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Circa was founded (as EventGeek) in the Summer 2016 batch at Y Combinator. While our path has taken a few twists and turns, we continue to focus on the mission we started with: empowering event planners and managers.

In April 2020, we hosted Reboot 2020: Adapting your Events to the Coronavirus Challenge, a virtual event that took place as in-person events around the world began to postpone and cancel... and event planner layoffs began to hit.

It was a tough moment for all of us in the events industry. The hope we found in the worldwide community of event planners inspired us to adapt too.

In August 2020, we moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and relaunched as Circa.

In October 2021, we commissioned our hot air balloon and hosted Elevate 2021 at the International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

Today, Circa continues to build world-class, cutting-edge technology in our mission of empowering event planners and managers.