The event marketing landscape is fundamentally changed and ongoing uncertainty continues to challenge event marketers. Some in-person events are returning, but usually with a virtual component. Virtual events are here to stay, but many event marketers have struggled with building engagement. However, against this backdrop of uncertainty, there is cause for optimism.

An entirely new world of hybrid and tech-first events is now open for event marketers. This raises a number of questions. Why should attendees (many of whom have not traveled over a year) choose to come to your event? What is the “big draw” to get people to attend? How are you going to break through the noise and capture the market’s attention? How will you leverage the new tech platforms that have cropped up over the past year?

The answer to all of these questions comes down to planning. Asking the big picture questions early in the event planning process, then making strategic decisions to drive the right outcomes can ensure that your team gets back to events without a hitch. Since planning is such a critical part of the marketing event process, we’ve developed the ultimate event marketing planning guide for your team. Use this guide to improve your event planning process and to make sure you don’t miss any critical steps.