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Intro guide for Workspace Admins


This Admin guide explains how to set up a new Workspace, as well as how to set up key workflows for other Members.

Workspace Setup

When setting up a new Workspace, there's a few steps you can take to customize the Workspace for your company and events.


If your company manages events by different regions or business unit, we recommend setting up Teams for each of those units.

Teams allow you to give groups of users (or Workspace Members) access to all of the Events within a Team.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO provides an easy way for your Members to sign in. Instead of setting a password, they can authenticate using your company's SSO provider.

SSO is particularly helpful for sharing Event Calendars and Request Forms with other employees at your company, such as sales teams.

As Visitors, they can authenticate with SSO without having an account.

Custom Fields

Events come with built-in fields for the basics, like dates, location, description, etc.

Custom fields enable the event managers at your company to track any additional data that helps to manage your events. Custom fields are available on Vendors too.

Workflow Setup

Event Calendars

Event Calendars are shared views of the Events Dashboard that can be set to public or SSO access.

You can filter the Dashboard, including on Custom Fields, to create Calendars for different audiences at your company or externally, such as with partners.

Event Brief Template

Briefs are a single-view, shareable summary of the Event.

As an Admin, you can customize the contents, style and permissions of the Brief Template that's used for all Events in your Workspace.

Team Members can further customize the contents of individual Event Briefs.

Event Request Forms

Admins can set up Event Request Forms to source event ideas from employees and partners.

Event Request Forms provide a standard process for managing the sometimes haphazard stream of requests that come to event managers.

Schedule Email Reports

After saving views of the Events Dashboard and Budget Reporting, Admins can schedule email reports to key stakeholders.

Scheduled reports are emailed as CSV spreadsheet attachments and can be set to send every week or month.