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Intro guide for Team Members


This guide explains the key workflows available to Team Members.

Key Workflows

Event Dashboard

Team Members can save views of the Events Dashboard by adding or removing columns and filters. Saved views offer a quick way to view different sets of Event data.

Event Briefs

Team Members can customize the contents of Event Briefs by adding Notes, Vendors, and Attachments.

Event Request Forms

Team Members can be assigned as Reviewers on Event Request Forms.

Reviewers get an email notification when new Requests are submitted and can leave comments for other Reviewers or submitters.

Event Budgets

Team Members can plan Budgets and add Expenses to individual Events.

Additionally, Team Members can view and export Budget Reports that track Expenses across multiple Events.

Event Checklists

Team Members can assign Tasks and manage Checklists in their Events, including importing Templates.