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How to view Event Calendars

This article explains how to view and use Event Calendars.

What is an Events Calendar?

Event Calendars are customized views of events and related data from a Workspace.

They are customized and published by Workspace Admins.

How to access

To access an Events Calendar, go to the URL provided by your Workspace Admin.

Depending on how your Admin has set it up, you may be asked to authenticate with SSO.

View, Filter and Export options

At the top of the calendar, there are Table, Calendar, and Map view options.

Note that events must have dates to appear on the Calendar view. Likewise, events must have a geolocation to appear on the Map view.

You can search for events using the search bar at the top left or by opening the Filters menu at the top right of the screen.

To export a CSV spreadsheet of the current view, click the three dots to the right of the Filters menu.

Link to Event Briefs

If your Workspace Admin has enabled Event Briefs, you can click on the name of an Event to view its Brief.

Link to Event Request Forms

If your Workspace Admin has enabled Event Request Forms on the Calendar, you'll see a blue button to Request an Event at the top left.