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How to customize the Event Brief Template

This article explains how to customize the default Template for Event Briefs in your Workspace.

First, go to Workspace Settings > Events by clicking on the gear icon in the sidebar and the Events link in the sidebar menu.

Then click on the Brief Template tab in the main area of your screen.

On the Contents & Layout sub-tab, you can show, hide or rearrange the sections and fields of the Brief Template.

There are sections for the Brief Header, Event Info, Event Staff, Schedules, and Tasks. Notes and Attachments can be added or removed on individual Event Briefs.

To show or hide a section, click on the toggle on the right side of the section.

To show or hide a field, click on the checkbox on the left side of the field.

To rearrange a section or field, click-and-drag on the six dots to the left of the section or field.