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How to customize and save Budget Reports

Customizing Budget Reports

You can customize views of the Budget Report by using the Filter and Group By controls.

The Report shows the Planned, Actual, and Paid Totals for all the Events that meet the Filter criteria.

You can filter the Events shown in the Budget Report using the built-in fields (Date, Location, Fiscal Period, etc.) and custom fields.

The Group By feature works similar to a pivot table, where you can select the inner and outer fields of the data table to your preference.

In addition to Event fields, you can also filter and group by Teams and Expense Categories.

Saving Budget Reports

To save a new report, click on the Create View button at the top left of the table.

You can also overwrite an existing report by selecting it from the saved view dropdown menu, updating the Filters or Group By settings, and clicking Overwrite.