Introducing Circa

Alex Patriquin
Alex Patriquin
July 18, 2021

Event management platform EventGeek relaunched today under the new name Circa, with an updated mission as the first and only event management platform built to help marketing teams adapt strategy and skills to succeed in the new world of virtual and hybrid events. While EventGeek was originally designed to help marketers coordinate logistics for dozens or even hundreds of in-person events, Circa adds virtual event measurement capabilities, ensuring that enterprise marketing and sales teams can adapt existing event programs effectively and unify engagement data across all their events, whether they are hosting or sponsoring an event, and whether events are in-person, virtual or hybrid.

Circa is the leader for transitioning in-person event and meeting programs to virtual, with a focus on customer engagement, and events as central to the customer experience. Since March 2020, Circa has helped marketing teams adapt over 40,000 in-person events to virtual events and webinars. No other event tech company is as strong in planning, execution and reporting, or can manage the broad mix of all the different types of events for enterprises.

One of Circa’s many users is technology company Okta. "Okta produces and sponsors over 1,000 events a year, and of course in 2020 most of those events were canceled, postponed, or changed from in-person to virtual,” said Liz Kokoska, Senior Director of Demand Generation, North America at Okta. “Prior to Circa, we had to manage our physical and virtual events in separate systems, even though we thought of them as parts of the same marketing channel. With Circa, we now have a single view of all our events in one place - this is helpful in planning and company-wide visibility on marketing activity. Being able to seamlessly adapt to the new world of virtual and hybrid events has given our team a significant advantage.”

“The rapid move away from in-person to 100 percent virtual events has thrown off many marketers who traditionally relied on in-person events to fill their pipeline,” said Circa founder Alex Patriquin. “Circa turns this sea change into an opportunity for marketers, by giving them the tools they need to successfully engage customers in virtual events, better integrate data, and measure and manage these events as they would any other digital marketing program. With Circa, they can see all their event data in one place, and use that information to craft and execute more effective events that move prospects through the pipeline more quickly.”

When event planners add in-person events back into the mix - likely in 2021, according to Patriquin - they can also use Circa’s platform to manage and coordinate that aspect of their marketing as well.

Among Circa’s new features:

  • Enables marketers to manage in-person, virtual and hybrid events all in one place.
  • Enables marketers to manage both hosted and sponsored events in one place – including conferences, exhibit booths, workshops, webinars, roundtables and meetings.
  • Scales to support thousands of events and meetings within an enterprise.
  • Enables marketing teams to measure engagement for events the same way they measure it for other digital marketing programs - for instance, measuring conversion from attendees to qualified sales opportunities.
  • Offers integration with virtually every well-known video conferencing tool such as Zoom and On24, as well as CRM and marketing databases such as Salesforce and Marketo, so that marketers can utilize engagement data in strategy and event planning.

Circa’s solution is delivered in a SaaS model and is available now. To learn more, visit

About Circa

Circa is the first and only event management platform built to help marketing teams succeed in the new world of virtual and hybrid events. No other platform enables enterprises to adapt existing event marketing programs to virtual and hybrid as quickly or effectively. Circa’s cloud-based solution helps enterprises with dozens to thousands of events reset their strategy with event templates and data-driven insights, powered by integrations with Zoom, GoTo, Webex, On24 and leading videoconference, marketing and CRM solutions. Circa customers include world-class enterprises such as Salesforce, Okta, Honda, Farmers Insurance and Elsevier. Learn more at