Circa Update: Calendar Integration & RSVP Status

Kathleen Reed
Kathleen Reed
July 18, 2021

We’re excited to launch an update to Circa’s calendar integration that allows Admins to connect their calendars to their entire company. After integrating with Circa, you can automatically send calendar invites to Event Staff and track their RSVP status.

Your Event Staff tab will now feature the RSVP status of your sales team.

This enhanced calendar integration works with Google Calendar and all major editions of Outlook, including Office 365, and Exchange. So if you are a Circa Admin, this integration will make scheduling meetings and events with your team much easier.

Check out our update announcement on YouTube!

About Circa

Circa is the B2B event marketing platform for transitioning in-person event and meeting programs to virtual, with a focus on customer engagement, and events as central to the customer experience. Circa adds virtual event measurement capabilities, ensuring that enterprise marketing and sales teams can adapt existing event programs effectively and unify engagement data across all their events, whether they are hosting or sponsoring an event, and whether events are in-person, virtual or hybrid.